Tyson Barrie re-signs with Colorado, unaffected by Schultz’s riches

Tyson Barrie re-signs with Colorado, unaffected by Schultz’s riches

When Justin Schultz signed his one-year, $3.675-million deal with the Edmonton Oilers, there was much concern for Colorado Avalanche fans. How would this deal affect Tyson Barrie’s negotiation with the team, considering they were around the same age, had around the same stats and even shoot with the same hand?

Good news: Not much.

Barrie inked a 2-year, $5.2-million deal as a restricted free agent on Thursday, good for a $2.6 million cap hit. There was some talk that Barrie’s deal could have been as high as a million dollars more than that hit; if that’s the case, then GM Greg Sherman got a bargain.

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Assuming he’s still the guy who does this stuff, and hasn’t been moved to the basement with his red stapler yet.

Barrie played 18:33 per game over 64 games, posting 38 points and a plus-17. Without question, one of the reasons why the Avs’ defense played far ahead of what was promised on paper. Look no further than the impact his injury in Game 3 of the Western Conference quarterfinals had on the team, after taking a knee-on-knee from the delightful Matt Cooke.

Good contract for now. Two years from now, however, Barrie will be up again when Nathan MacKinnon goes RFA and Ryan O’Reilly goes UFA. Well, wherever Ryan O’Reilly is playing in two years.