Tyler Seguin’s Twitter feed’s ‘queers and steers’ welcomes him to Texas

So this appeared on Tyler Seguin’s Twitter feed on Saturday night, before being hastily deleted:

Seguin, you’ll recall, was traded

to the Dallas Stars on July 4 in a seven-player trade with the Boston Bruins, after Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli infamously said that Seguin had to “commit to being a professional.”

The quote is a line from “Full Metal Jacket,” director Stanley Kubrick’s classic war film. As the Sgt. Hartman said to “Private Cowboy” after he revealed he was from Texas:

“Holy dog[expletive] Private Cowboy, only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don’t look like a steer, so that kind of narrows it down.”

And it gets sort of hilariously vulgar after that …

Seguin later tweeted, as expected:

Why should we care about what appears on Seguin’s Twitter feed? Well, he was taken to task back in April for Tweeting “No Homo” as a joke, which led to a conversation with Patrick Burke, head of the sexual identity quality group You Can Play.

Said Seguin, in apologizing for the tweet:

“I think with myself, it was kind of late at night, just talking with my buddies, sometimes I forget that I’m on Twitter in front of a quarter-million people and not just talking to my friends. It’s just another learning experience.”

And so it is. Burke, at the very least, is buying that it wasn't Seguin: