Tyler Seguin inks 6-year, $34.5-million deal with Bruins; did Boston get bargain?

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Attention trendy bars in the greater Boston area: Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand have now both signed contract extensions worth a combined $52.5 million. They will be dancing on you shortly, most likely sans shirts.

After Marchand's 4-year, $18-million deal with the Boston Bruins, Seguin on Tuesday agreed to a 6-year, $34.5-million deal through 2018-19 -- a $5.75 million annual cap hit. Both contracts begin in the 2013-14 season, getting in under the CBA expiration wire and before their owner Jeremy Jacobs helps lead the NHL in a war against escalating player salaries.

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From the Bruins:

The 2011-12 season marked Seguin's second NHL season with the Bruins. The 6'1", 182-pound native of Brampton, Ontario registered NHL career highs in goals, assists and points, recording 29-38=67 totals, along with 30 penalty minutes. His 29 goals and 67 points both ranked highest
on the Bruins roster, making him the youngest player in team history to hold the club's scoring title. Seven of Seguin's goals were game-winners, and his plus-34 rating ranked second in the league behind teammate Patrice Bergeron. He was also selected to play in the 2012 NHL All-Star Game, after having previously competed in the NHL All-Star SuperSkills Competition in 2011.

His growth as a player has been considerable, especially on the defensive end. And while he had the same offensive malaise as many of his teammates in the first round against the Washington Capitals, Seguin finished strong with a goal and two helps in Games 6 and 7.

He was given an 'A' last season by Bruins Daily and an 'A+++++++' from Stanley Cup of Chowder, which also wrote his name on their Trapper Keeper.

He's a star, the future face of the franchise and the No. 1 reason while Maple Leaf fans sigh deeply whenever they see Phil Kessel's pudgy mug in the vicinity of Brian Burke. (The No. 2 reason, Dougie Hamilton, will be up with the Bruins this season.)

Obviously, the Bruins and Seguin had some comparables entering their negotiation.

Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers — who has 95 career points to Seguin's 89 and was drafted No. 1 overall to Seguin's No. 2 in 2010 — was given a 7-year deal with an AAV of $6 million earlier this summer.

Jeff Skinner, drafted No. 7 overall by the Carolina Hurricanes and the only other NHL All-Star from the class thus far, earned a 6-year deal worth $5.725 million annually.

A win for Chiarelli, both in term and in dollars. As Lambert asked on Monday's "What We Learned":

"Can you convince Seguin to take a Jeff Skinner contract or does he demand a Taylor Hall deal? (Hint: He's already better than Taylor Hall.)"

He pretty much took the Skinner contract. No need for hardball when you find a market you want to "start a life" in, as Seguin told ESPN Boston. (Your move, Miss Raisman.)

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