Tyler Seguin criticized by Bruins GM: ‘He’s got to commit to being a professional’

NEWARK, NJ – Tyler Seguin wasn’t scoring, but he was shooting. Tyler Seguin had one goal in 22 games, but he was playing his role on a checking line.

The Boston Bruins did their best to dress it up, to cover for their young player during the Stanley Cup Final. But whether you were watching the games or checking the box score, Seguin’s 8-point performance in the 2013 playoffs was a disappointment – one that followed a regular season that saw his offensive output dip from the previous season.

In the last few days, Seguin’s name was being circulating in trade rumors leading up to the NHL Draft in New Jersey on Sunday. While he didn’t deal him, GM Peter Chiarelli of the Bruins offered some harsh advice to his young star.

Via Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe:

“He’s got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand,” Chiarelli said. “He’s got to become more of a professional. You know what? I can say that about a lot of 21-year-olds. I know he got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that stuff. He did. He’s got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game. Simple as that. He does that, we don’t expect him to be crashing and banging. Just play your game.”

Chiarelli said he hopes the trade talks give Seguin a reality check: “If it doesn’t, I’d be more concerned,” he told the Globe.

You don’t exactly need a microscope to read between those lines: Seguin is 21 years old and begins a $34.5 million, six-year deal next season. “Being a professional and focusing” smack of off-the-ice distractions. Chiarelli’s public call-out of Seguin is a significant wake-up call.