Two more reasons Teemu Selanne rules: Holding ceramic pig, wearing panty-dropper shirt (Photo)

On Saturday night, the Anaheim Ducks held their annual skills competition at Honda Center to the delight of 7,000 fans. Teemu Selanne's team was victorious for the second straight year, earning him the much-coveted ceramic pig and the opportunity to create one of the single greatest images of the season:

Teemu Selanne. Championship Pig. Panty-dropper T-shirt. Incredible.

(Update: Via reader Derek Luksun, the shirt is from Plain Jane and that's their official logo.)

After his team captured the event with a 12-10 victory over Corey Perry's team, Teemu collected the ceramic pig for the second straight season and lifted it above his head.

"It was similar to when I hoisted the Stanley Cup," said Selanne after the event, to the Ducks site. "It's pretty heavy too, but again, you have to earn this. This little pig came home."

The pig was handed out last year during the inaugural skills competition for the Ducks, in which Selanne's team defeated Todd Marchant's team, 14-12. (Why a pig? Ducks Blog says, "The story behind the pig's existence is, frankly, a little cloudy. It's a team secret.") It's a cool tradition the team's building with this annual event, which included Q&A session with Ducks GM Bob Murray and coach Bruce Boudreau. And, of course, a spirited skills competition with a ceramic swine on the line.

Here's Teemu, talking about his victory. (Hey, at least a few fans got a chance to see him in a skills competition this season.)

s/t to Black Bile.