Twitter now the place for NHL tough guys to plan fights

In the past year, we've seen more and more current and retired NHLers join the Twitter revolution. That's allowed fans to get a little closer to those players they watch on a nightly basis as well as get a glimpse inside their personalities.

We've seen Erik Johnson(notes), Patrik Berglund(notes) and David Perron's(notes) charitable actions of donating money once they reached certain follower counts; Mike Commodore's(notes) live-tweeting of his time at the horse track; and most recently, Bobby Ryan(notes) debating a prank on his own cat.

What we hadn't seen, until today, were the seeds of a future fight planted.

St. Louis Blues tough guy Cam Janssen(notes) has been on Twitter for a while now and today decided to reach out to Dallas Stars scrapper (and fellow Norton Sports client) Krys Barch(notes) and extend an invitation for the upcoming season.

Oh, and Janssen's new Twitter page background is of he and a bloodied Barch (mostly Janssen's blood) during one of their four scraps together, of which included this display of nothing but bombs.

Barch accepted the invite with the Stars and Blues set to meet on October 16th. No longer will fighters have to wait until they set up for a face-off to plan fisticuffs, now there's social media to do the work. Though, we don't imagine Derek Boogaard(notes) sending any e-vites to fellow heavyweights to let them know ahead of time that the "pain train" is coming.

The hockey player personality is what helps fans love the game even more and being able to interact with them via Twitter or watch them schedule future fights, or get an update on a player's view of the world's homeless situation (miss you BizNasty!) without any handlers shutting things down to maintain a PC image is what's appealing to fans.

In other words, Cam and Krys, please commence the trash talking until October 16th. We'll be watching. Your agent on the other hand...

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