Tuxedo hockey jerseys; NHL, NHLPA continues talks in NYC (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• The Adirondack Phantoms’ tuxedo jerseys: Finally, Zac Rinaldo can look like Lloyd Christmas at his senior prom while fighting someone in the AHL. [Phantoms]

• John Shannon on the NHL, NHLPA talks today, in which the NHLPA offered a counterproposal: “I truly expect very little to happen in the New Year's Eve negotiations. If the Players’ Association puts forward major differences from what the NHL proposed on Thursday night, we will see this league go down a path that no one could ever have foreseen.” [Sportsnet]

• Elliotte Friedman on the last stages of the talks (hopefully): “One source said Sunday there were worries that escrow could hit 30 per cent if the NHL's proposal of a $60 million US cap was accepted (that includes the one compliance buyout counting against the players' share of hockey-related revenue, as currently proposed). No doubt the league would dispute that (saying that the lower the cap, the less they'd have to pay) but this is why both sides' accountants make money.” [CBC Sports]

• Remember that massive SPHL brawl we first brought you over the weekend? There are 28 games of suspension resulting from it, with a trainer for Huntsville getting fined as well. [SPHL]

• Congrats to Team Canada for winning the Spengler Cup, which will obviously take the sting out of this whole lockout thing. [CP]

• When the NHL comes back, so will you: “To me and many others, hockey is still the greatest sport in the world. To watch all of the progress made in recent years disappear would do more than just damage the game for a few. Hockey does a lot of good for many and like it or not, the NHL plays a big role in the accessibility and growth of the sport, especially in North America.” [THW]

• Tyler Seguin says he’s “one million percent healthy,” which we assume is down from eleventy-seventy trillion percent. [CSNNE]

• Ilya Bryzgalov is either leaving the KHL because the NHL lockout is over, he’s injured or he’s worn out his welcome. [Deadspin]

• Here’s a blow-by-blow of Canada’s win over Russia in world juniors. [Province]

• Will the NHLPA try to secure expansion fees as part of hockey related revenue? David Shoalts says: “Just told NHLPA never considered or even discussed asking owners for a share of future expansion or relocation money.” [Cult of Hockey]

• More fallout from Glendale’s deal with the Phoenix Coyotes. [Business Week]

• Check out the header-goal that sent Switzerland to the world junior medal rounds. [Buzzing The Net]

• Finally, happy anniversary to one of the greatest feats in hockey history: