Tuukka Rask targeted by idiot’s laser pointer in Montreal (Video)

In the second period of the Boston Bruins’ 6-4 loss at the Montreal Canadiens, a green dot danced around the crease of goalie Tuukka Rask.

Somewhere inside Bell Centre sat an idiot. And they had a laser pointer.

We’ve seen this before, of course. Miikka Kiprusoff had a laser hit his mask several times at the Vancouver Canucks back in 2010. Ditto Jose Theodore, who had it happen that year in a game at the New York Rangers.

In this case, Rask said the laser didn’t affect him.

“You know, I saw it in the second but it was in the offensive zone. Good thing I didn’t go blind or anything,” he told ESPN Boston’s Joe McDonald.

Here's a look from NESN, via Kevin V.:

As we’ve said in the past: Laser pointers are explicitly banned from arenas, but there’s only so much that ushers and other personnel can do.

It’s on us, as fans, to police our own. And shining a laser point on the ice, no matter how much you loathe the opponent, is something narc-worthy.


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