As it turns out, Krys Barch’s lockout tweets are surprisingly musical (VIDEO)

Late last month, Krys Barch sat down in front of a fire, 8 OV deep, cracked open a bottle of Porte, and took to Twitter for an epic rant about the lockout. It was a divisive moment, heralded as a rallying cry for some and criticized as a whiny and off-putting diatribe by others.

But one thing nobody called it: inherently musical. And, as it turns out, it sort of was. Youtube channel The NOC gave a section of Barch's rant the "Music twideo" treatment, setting his musings to a sweet acoustic tune sung by New York based singer Michelle Ferreira. The results? Surprisingly moving.

Granted, it helps to have Ferreira singing the crap out of Barch's words, but seriously, until the she hits the phrase "work stoppage", you'd think these lyrics were written by Aimee Mann or something.

If the whole hockey thing doesn't work out, Barch might want to consider a future in songwriting. He's got the chops.

Frankly, if this lockout drags on into next year, I hope Barch and Ferreira cut an album together. They could be the next She and Him, or The Swell Season, or even Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

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