Tulsa Oilers plaster fans’ selfies all over new jerseys

Ah, the selfie: a whimsical vessel of self-expression, or a scourge of ill-timed, high-angle duck-faced moments of egomania. (Also, the new ABC sitcom starring Amy Pond.)

The Tulsa Oilers of the Central Hockey League announced this week that they're affirming the selfie’s cultural relevance as only a hockey team can: By featuring them on a specialty jersey.

Some teams wear their love of fans on their sleeves. The Oilers will just wear their fans.

“Snap A Selfie Night” is Nov. 28, and the Oilers are going to wear sweaters comprised entirely of fans’ selfies. This gimmick was already used in baseball, where the independent Kalamazoo Growlers rocked “Selfie Jerseys” last season.

The Oilers are asking fans to take a selfie and post it to the Oilers official Facebook page or by mentioning @tulsa_oilers and @phonedoctors on Twitter or Instagram and using #OilersSelfie. The team is collecting the images through Sept. 15.

“The fans that display the most ‘Oilers spirit’ will be featured in prominent locations on the jerseys,” said the team. Dibs on the butt!

The Oilers have all the instructions for how to participate on their web site. So get cracking, hockey fans!

And by that we mean see how many sexually explicit messages and gang signs you can sneak past their editors …