Translation, please: Alexander Ovechkin's fresh ink

Earlier this summer, Alexander Ovechkin(notes) spoke with Sovetsky Sport's Pavel Lysenkov about a new tattoo he was sporting this offseason:

Q. When you were training in the gym I noticed a tattoo on your lower pack. Some two [Japanese] characters. You didn't have them before...

OVECHKIN: No, I didn't have them, I had it done not long ago.

What do those letters mean?

I cannot tell you. It is private.

But every journalist is going to see them in the Capitals' locker room, where you come out usually wearing only a towel.

So what? Let them see. And let them ask what it is. I will tell them that this is the mystery of the 21st century. Let the media pick their brains and come up with explanations. It's so that they don't get bored in the summer when there is no hockey.

Who doesn't like a good mystery? Pavel Lysenkov took the challenge and snapped the photo above of Ovechkin's new tattoo in the locker room at the Megasport Arena in Moscow, where the Russian Olympic camp is being held. Here's a closer look at the ink; anyone out there able to translate it? What do you think it says?

We'll have more on Russian Olympic camp this week, as Ovechkin and friends leave the dance clubs and get back on the ice.

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