Transform into a trusted source with ‘How to Become a Hockey Insider’ (Video)

With the NHL trade deadline coming up, hockey fans now turn their attention from the Olympics to trade rumours. It is time, once again, for the rise of the insider.

There are two ways to become an NHL insider these days. The first is to earn it, with a lot of hard work over many, many years, establishing connections and contacts within the league, and building up the trust of the hockey community.

But that takes forever, and it requires hard work and integrity, two things that suck. Which is why a workaround has been developed: pretending you're a hockey insider thanks to the powers of anonymity afforded you by the Internet!

It's so easy. Why, now there's even an instructional video that will take you through the no-hassle process of going from nobody to one of the most connected men in the industry, according to you. I give you, How to be a Hockey Insider.

"I made ten bucks on Google Ads, and now I'm on TSN radio. I'm a source and I still don't understand hybrid icing!"

I love the look of this ad. It honestly looks like something that would show up on your TV late at night, right after that M*A*S*H rerun you fell asleep watching.

It's Jersey guy that makes this, though. "With the help of How to be a Hockey Insider, I started, and damn, now I'm a source."

Puck Daddy also gets a mention, which is a good way to suck up to us.

All that said, I'll be honest. As failsafe as this formula appears to be, I think they've made it too complicated. You don't need a podcast, even if you do record it on the toilet. That's just over-reaching.

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Harrison Mooney

is the associate editor for Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!