Toronto fan KO’d in Boston given Game 4 tickets by Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs fan Kyle Hay, 23, entered playoff infamy over the weekend when he was on the receiving end of a sucker punch after Game 2 of their series against the Boston Bruins.

He was knocked out cold and needed staples in the back of his head at the hospital. It was quite a lousy birthday present.

Video of Hay flat on his back, wearing a Leafs jersey, hit YouTube. Steve Dangle of The Leafs Nation profiled the incident, which witnesses at TD Garden in Boston say wasn’t provoked by Hay or his fellow Leafs fans, beyond the expected amount of chirping during the game.

Upon hearing about this plight, Leafs fans like the Pension Plan Puppets blog petitioned the team to bring Hay to a playoff game at Air Canada Centre.

Their pleas were answered, according to CBC Sports:

The team reached out to Hay on Tuesday over Twitter and followed up with a phone call. They offered him two tickets to Game 4, which takes place Wednesday night at the Air Canada Centre.

"Words can’t describe how pumped I am. There's the two tickets and I'll be taking my younger brother, who's on Cloud Nine as well," Hay said.

… "I'll be wearing my traditional Wendel Clark jersey and my Leafs hat — very superstitious, I’ve worn it to five games this season so far and we've won three out of the five and one of them was in Boston," he said.

"So, either wear that or wear a Leafs jersey and make my own name bar and put 'knocked out in Boston' [on it]."

Uh, that’s a Foul, sir.

Nice job by the Leafs to honor a fan brave enough to rock the blue and white at a Boston game.

That said: Given the scarcity of Leafs playoff tickets, it’s just a matter of time before legions of Leafs fans descend on Boston hoping to goad a Bruins fan into punching them in the face before a potential Game 6 at the ACC …

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