Topless hockey: Las Vegas Wranglers will wear bare-chested jerseys for ‘Over 18 Night’

Our list of the world’s maddest geniuses reads something like this: “South Park” writers’ room, Taco Bell menu planners and the Las Vegas Wranglers’ promotions department.

From the ECHL team that brought you Rapture Night and Girl Scout Jersey Night and Rod Blagojevich Prison Night and the Indoor Winter Classic, the Wranglers will be “the world’s first topless professional hockey team” on Feb. 4 against the Colorado Eagles.

(We appreciate the “professional” distinction, as Ukrainian feminist group Femen were obviously the first topless hockey team.)

From the Wranglers:

“Going bottomless was simply out of the question,” said Wranglers President and Chief Operating Officer Billy Johnson. “Yuck.”

The specialty Wranglers jersey, featuring a bare chest and sculpted abs, has a Wranglers crest tattooed over the right pectoral. Adorning the shoulders are a “topless hockey” and Wranglers word mark, with light arm hair filling out the details.

“The guys have never looked to be in better shape,” said Johnson. “Nor have they appeared to be as identical.”

Please recall that previous “18 and Over” nights for the Wranglers have featured exotic dancing exhibitions.

It’s probably for the best that it’s bare-chested jerseys rather than bare chests, as it’s a bit nipply on the rink. Save that look for Ned Braden Night.

And, conversely, recycle the “topless” jerseys for King Leonidas Night.