The top 25 creepiest hockey logos of all-time

On Tuesday, we began our countdown of the 50 creepiest logos of all-time. Now, on Halloween Eve, fittingly, we complete that countdown, and double down on the creepy factor.

You thought the Erie Panthers' logo was eerie? Buddy, you haven't seen the New Haven Beast. And once you do, you will not sleep, so here's hoping you like being awake.

25 | Augusta Lynx (ECHL)

Lynxes are creepy in general, but Augusta went above and beyond here. If this lynx and a regular lynx came into my room, I'd look to the regular lynx and be like, "Get me away from that thing, man."

24 | Indianapolis Ice (IHL)

This polar bear wants no part in this logo. He is FURIOUS and I don't think we're gonna like what he does if he somehow manages to get out of that triangle.

23 | Mississauga Ice Dogs (OHL)

Ice dogs? More like crudely sketched evil robot dogs.

22 | Chicago Wolves (AHL)

The Wolves' logo has always creeped me out. I think it's the green eyes. True fact: if you look into them long enough, it's a window to Hell.

21 | Tampa Bay Tritons (RHI)

Meanwhile, the thing that creeps me out the most about the Tritons' logo is that I'm not really all that sure where his eyes are.

20 | Wenatchee Wild (NAHL)

And speaking of unclear sketches, the Wild's wolf appear to be just a head on a leg. I imagine it hopping through the woods murdering anybody foolish enough to let it catch them.

19 | St. Johns Fog Devils (QMJHL)

If someone told me that the Fog Devils originally released this logo without the horrific red devil head peering over the top of it, and one day he just appeared up there, I would believe them. I honestly would.

18 | Nashville Predators (NHL)

For years, this fossilized sabre-toothed tiger head was the Predators' alternate logo, and I can't figure out why they thought it was a good idea. When you're trying to appeal to the families of a new hockey market, it's probably not a good idea to give their children nightmares.

17 | Lindsay Muskies (OJHL)

If I caught this, I would throw it into the sea immediately, along with the fishing rod it was attached into, and never go out on that river again.

16 | Berlin Devils (DEL)

This thing is up to something. It's up to something and it's going to be bad.

15 | Sudbury Wolves 2 (OHL)

The Sudbury Wolf just killed. His teeth are literally stained with blood, and blood is dripping from his face. It's the most murder-y logo in hockey.

14 | Revierlöwen Oberhausen (DEL)

This logo, which I think is supposed to be a lion, looks like it was drawn by a child. A child fathered by Satan.

13 | Victoria Salsa (BCHL)

The Salsa (which may be the worst team name in hockey history), originally had a much friendlier-looking pepper as their mascot. And then somebody had the bright idea to make it a pepper man, all muscled up, bright red, and straight from the mouth of Hades. He looks like an actual horror movie villain. The pepper man kills teenagers, I just know it.

12 | Yorkton Terriers (SJHL)

This thing is what I imagine MS Paint would create if it were taken over by a poltergeist.

11 | Buffalo Wings (RHI)

I don't think there was a single good logo in the Roller Hockey International League, but the Wings' had the worst and the creepiest of the bunch. Who thought the most sinister-looking pterodactyl imaginable was the way to go?

10 | Austin Ice Bats (WPHL)

Hockey logo creators: STOP GIVING YOUR CARTOON ANIMALS BRIGHT RED EYES. This bat didn't need to be this scary. Neither did he need to be wielding a tiny hockey stick.

9 | Hannover Scorpions (DEL)

It's like something from the island of Dr. Moreau.

8 | Lubbock Cotton Kings (WPHL)

"Our logo should be cotton, but, like, cotton you'd be really afraid to pick."

7 | Ilves (SM Liiga)

Again, lynxes are creepy-looking. But they're even creepier when they appear to be drawn from someone else's verbal description of what they look like, and by a twelve-year-old.

6 | Syracuse Crunch (AHL)

The Crunch used this logo for a decade. A decade! That means, for 10 years, this thing was all over the walls in a place where people worked. I guarantee you none of their employees slept well. No surprise their new logo looks as far from this absolute abomination as possible.

5 | Milwaukee Admirals (AHL)

Milwaukee's hockey team is called the Admirals. Somehow, in an unnecessarily creepy twist, their logo is the head of a dead admiral.

4 | Rome Frenzy (FHL)

Congratulations, Rome. You have given us the most terrifying fish logo in hockey history. No small feat.

3 | New Haven Beast (AHL)

Theory: The day before New Haven's logo designer began this project, he was visited by this evil being in the night, and it shook him so thoroughly that it's literally all he drew for the next year. Eventually, after months of trying to get him to draw something else, the club's management gave up. The Beast only lasted three years, I think because it's hard to sell tickets when the fans are afraid to look at your team.

2 | New Orleans Brass (ECHL)

"What if we mixed The Candyman and a clown? People will like that, right?"

1 | Baie-Comeau Drakkar (QMJHL)

This is, or was, Baie-Comeau's alternate logo. Their primary logo remains this exact awful dragon head on the front of a viking ship. It's creepy there, but much less so than when it's flying solo, just sitting there, causing nightmares and making babies weep.

I don't want to see this. I don't ever want to see this. And yet I have seen it, and now I cannot unsee it.