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We’ve taken a look at the Top 10 players from this past year in hockey. We’ve ranked our Top 10 people in hockey. Now it’s time to move online for our Top 10 social media moments in hockey from the last year.

These involved internet viral sensations that created news and humor. They also show hockey people have engaging and charitable personalities.

Please list anyone we missed, or your own list, in the comments.

10. Roar Bacon

The St. Louis Blues comeback win over the Chicago Blackhawks on Nov. 4 led to a viral goof by the team, which then led to a rallying cry. Autocorrect accidentally said “Well that was something. #OurBlues roar bacon with three second-period goals to tie the game 5-5. #STLvsCHI” instead of “roar back.”


This led to the hashtag #roarbacon making waves on the internet and eventually spawned t-shirt designs amongst other hysterical fan-created elements. The best moment came when St. Louis captain David Backes brought a pig into coach Ken Hitchock’s office. The pig then pooped in the office, which added to the bacon hysteria.

St. Louis Blues/Twitter
St. Louis Blues/Twitter

9. Carey Price selfie

Selfies can sometime come off as contrived or planned. Carey Price’s selfie photobomb of a fan was anything but. The fan then sent Price a heartwarming thank you note for giving him a photo memory that will last a lifetime.

8. Teemu Selanne’s fun with retirement.

Whether he’s giving advice to the Anaheim Ducks on how to score goals …

Or shotgunning a beer on a golf course …

Teemu Selanne shows us that life starts with retirement.

7. T.J. Oshie trade makes young fan cry

T.J. Oshie was one of the most well-liked players on the St. Louis Blues. So when he was traded to the Washington Capitals last summer, some fans weren’t happy. Young Libby Lu became the face of T.J. Oshie Blues supporters with an epic social media meltdown. Oshie made her feel better by calling her and easing her pain and then sending her a care package. 

6. Jaromir Jagr gets blackmailed and doesn’t care

An 18-year-old model named Catherine from Moravia took a selfie of Florida Panthers 43-year-old forward Jaromir Jagr sleeping next to her and then tried to extort roughly $2,000 from Jagr, or else she would release it to the media. Jagr reportedly did not care and allowed the photo to be released.


5. Jeremy Roenick tries to tackle an alligator

The alligator was more scared of Roenick than the other way around.

 4. Steven Stamkos and ‘Tweet Gate’

For the third time in his career Stamkos liked a tweet about the possibility of him joining the Toronto Maple Leafs. He said it was an accident, but it was also construed as either trolling or wishful thinking by the pending unrestricted free agent.

Photo via screen shot
Photo via screen shot

3. SpiderMable!

With Edmonton Oilers defenseman Andrew Ference kidnapped, the city of Edmonton called on SpiderMable to save him. Mable is a 6-year-old girl who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013. On a day in late September she put on a Spider-Man outfit and set out to find Ference. Her adventures were live tweeted by much of Edmonton. This was Edmonton’s hockey version of the San Francisco Bat Kid.

Photo via @sergeantjones
Photo via @sergeantjones

2. Mike Commodore rips Mike Babcock with Twitter tirade

Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Commodore had trouble with Mike Babcock during Commodore’s short tenure in the Motor City. And the blueliner decided to light into the coach in an angry, vulgar Twitter rant during Babcock’s return to Detroit as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Below is one of his tamer tweets of the evening.

1. Tyler Seguin receives In-N-Out Burger from a fan 

When athletes respond to Twitter offers, the results tend to be memorable. Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin was about to play a charity sled hockey game when Lindsey Dortch of the University of North Texas asked if he wanted In-N-Out burger. Seguin said yes, which led to a fantastic photo op.

Photo via Lindsey Dortch
Photo via Lindsey Dortch

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