Top 10 hockey goals scored overseas will dazzle and bewilder you (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

With NHL players going overseas with the rapidity of American manufacturing jobs, it's only appropriate that TSN SportsCentre offered up a top l0 list that ranked goals scored in Europe and other foreign lands.

Here are the top 10 overseas goals. Please keep in mind that TSN is based in Canada.

A few observations:

1. Look, we understand quality of competition factors, the context of the game and the abject nationalism of being a Canadian sports network ... but there's simply no justification for Eliezer Sherbatov's all-time brilliant move for an Israeli team ranking behind a series of skills competition shots from Jonathan Toews. None. Zippy. Zero.

2. While we usually bemoan the inclusion of shootout goals on any list of offensive hockey excellence, we're willing to make an exception here for that Linus Omark Floating Puck of Goalie Humiliation.

3. Holy smokes was Rick Nash in Beast Mode for goal No. 2 on the list.

4. Finally, in case you were wondering if Sergei Zinovyev, the KHL player at No. 7, is one lucky SOB, here's another one of his YouTube classics.

Did they miss any "overseas" goals of note?

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