Tomas Tatar, Darren Helm facing eviction from apartment due to noise complaints

Harrison Mooney
DETROIT - DECEMBER 31: Tomas Tatar #21 of the Detroit Red Wings pumps his arms after scoring his first NHL goal in his first NHL game assisted by teammate Darren Helm #43 against the New York Islanders at Joe Louis Arena on December 31, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. The Islanders won in OT 4-3 (Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

It's difficult to miss Tomas Tatar when he's on the ice. The Red Wings' forward has incredible vision and stick handling skills, frequently dazzling with his abilities. He's been a welcome addition to the Red Wings' roster this season.

But as it turns out, Tatar's noticeability is a great deal less welcome when you live in his building. According to the Detroit News, The winger, who is currently subletting Darren Helm's Detroit apartment, is facing eviction due to noise complaints:

According to the complaint, the association has received numerous complaints from neighbors that since late October 2013, excessive noise has been heard from the players' condominium "up to four nights a week" between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. including "loud music, yelling and banging on the floors and walls." Several noise complaints have allegedly been made to Royal Oak Police as well, according to the lawsuit.

Banging on the floors? One hopes it wasn't the bathroom floor, in which case, Tatar should know that the only course of option is to take Shaggy's advice and assert that it wasn't him.

I feel bad for Tatar and Helm. They work in a building that's constantly telling everyone to "make some noise". That has to be a difficult habit to unlearn. Heck, in their minds, they probably thinks they're being quiet, because they don't own a noise-o-meter. The building should pitch in and get them one.

According to the lawsuit filed by The Main Street Lofts Condominium Association, Tatar and Helm will have to provide some reason why they should not be evicted from the premises, which is ridiculous. Do these people not even know the Red Wings are trying to keep a 22-year playoff streak alive? Is that not reason enough? The streak is as old as Tatar himself!

If Tatar needs further proof he should be kept around, he should show them the goal he scored versus Dallas a couple months back: 

I mean, honestly. Do you really want to evict a guy who can do that? Of course you don't.