Tomas Jurco breaks in Darth Maul-style ‘Frankenstick’ and it’s awesome (Video)

A little over a year ago, the above photo of Darth Maul on ice made the rounds at Reddit Hockey.

Sadly, it was a Photoshop. While we imagine the real Darth Maul would indeed play hockey with a double-bladed stick, just like he fights Jedi with a double-edged lightsaber (or saberstaff, as it's formally known), the Darth Maul from the photo, which was taken during a Tampa Bay Lighting/San Jose Sharks game, was just carrying a regular one.

The double-bladed stick was just a fiction.

That is, until the AHL's Grand Rapids Griffins, inspired by the image, set to making the Frankenstick a reality. And, once they had, they did the only reasonable thing you can do with such a creation: They gave it to stickhandling wizard and viral video machine Tomas Jurco:

Other members of the Griffins have some nice moments with it. Willie Coetzee earns our respect for recognizing the Stars Wars influence. Triston Grant wisely suggests it needs two different curves to really be an all-situation piece of equipment.

But the magic happens once Jurco has it and begins juggling the puck while twirling it like a baton. It's pretty neat -- at least up until he breaks it because it won't do what he wanted it to.

How does he break it? With a routine slapshot, because, as unique as it may be, it remains a composite hockey stick.

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