Todd Bertuzzi makes Shea Weber answer for his Game 1 indiscretions (FIGHT VIDEO)

The Detroit Red Wings had the fewest major penalties in the NHL during the regular season with 17. Todd Bertuzzi only had two of those.

But after Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber slammed Henrik Zetterberg's face into the glass at the end of Game 1 of the Western Conference quarterfinals, there was going to be some answering to that indiscretion in Game 2. It fell to Bert, and Weber was game just 1:36 into the action:

Nice near-MMA style attempted takedown by Bertuzzi there, eh?

Again, good to see The Code in action as Weber answered for his action, which earned at $2,500 fine. Even if "The Code" and "Bertuzzi" conjures some uncomfortable memories.

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