Tim Thomas returns to the NHL, in the form of a tryout with the Florida Panthers

After taking a year off to bask in the waves of his Free Citizenship, Tim Thomas has emerged from his bunker in Colorado. The former Boston Bruin has decided he wants to return to the NHL.

Just in time to weigh in on Syria! *bookmarks Thomas's Facebook page*

Where is he headed? According to Bob McKenzie, Thomas will be taking his talents to South Beach, then hoping his talents remain visible enough that the Florida Panthers will deem them worth a contract.

Once again, Tim Thomas lives Roberto Luongo's dream.

At 39, and after walking away from his contract with the Bruins to sit and collect dust for a year, one can understand why Thomas is going to have to work a little harder for his permanent employment than simply lighting the "OPEN" sign.

Florida may make things tough for the media, of course:

But they're a good choice for Thomas. Their goaltending situation is less than ideal, for one thing, and if Thomas does make the team, there's little to no chance he'll have to awkwardly ask out of a meeting with Obama next year.

And, considering the median age in Florida in roughly 73, he shouldn't have any problem finding membership in a Tea Party. Or maybe he just wants to be closer to Cuba, to keep an eye on them?

UPDATE: Thomas has passed his physical and will be on the ice with the Panthers on Tuesday. According to TVA Sport's Renaud Lavoie, a deal worth $2-2.5 million is expected should the team move forward with signing him to a contract.