Tim Thomas on return to Boston: I might have enjoyed State of the Union more

On Tuesday night, for the first time in his career, Tim Thomas started a game at the TD Garden as a member of the away team. It didn't go well.

The Boston Bruins clobbered the Thomas's Florida Panthers 6-2, with Thomas surrendering all six goals. All in all, it was a pretty crappy homecoming.

How unenjoyable was it?

"I think I might've enjoyed myself watching the State of the Union more," Thomas quipped.

Seriously. He said that. There's video.

For the video-impaired, he was kidding. "No, probably not," he added. He didn't enjoy this game. But he'd still take it over the current president. Barely.

Thomas is probably the last guy with any interest in being addressed by Barack Obama, who took over American televisions on Tuesday for his annual State of the Union address. Thomas famously opted not to seize the opportunity for a face-to-face conversation with the President after the Bruins' 2011 Cup win.

He made his opinion of the current administration and the Federal government in general clear in a Facebook post later in the day.

He had a similar opinion of this game. His frustration with every aspect of it was evident when he clubbed Carl Soderberg and earned a high-sticking minor with four seconds to go.

"They made the Finals last year for a reason and they played a good game against us," Thomas told the media, "combined with us not playing our best game, myself included. They just kept coming at us.''

One wonders if it was enough to make Thomas long for a return to his year as a free citizen.

Panthers coach Peter Horachek agreed that Thomas was off, but so were his teammates.

"Our guys weren't in the mindset to play,'' he said. "That wasn't [Thomas'] best game but I don't think there was a lot of solid efforts from any of the players.''