About those Henrik Zetterberg sightings in New York City

Puck Daddy

Puck Daddy reader Lori from Brooklyn shared this image on Friday, saying that Detroit Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg was "shooting a promo of some sort in Herald Square. What's with the silly red briefcase?"

Lori's not the only one that spotted Zetterberg in NYC. Which was odd, because Zetterberg was also back in Detroit, taking part in an informal skate with teammates at Joe Louis Arena, including new Red Wings defenseman Ian White.

So we had our suspicions. And Greg DeLiso confirmed them.

DeLiso was one of the guys behind that hilarious "Henrik Zetterberg's bathroom routine" video that went viral two years ago. He recently told us that there's going to be a 10-episode web series called "Fake Henrik Zetterberg" premiering this October … so were they in New York filming it?

"Yes we are, we were actually just shooting today!" wrote DeLiso. "We're six days into shooting and we're almost done!"

So if you spotted Hank in full uniform walking through Manhattan, that's why. The storyline for the new series? "Fake Henrik as he gets an office job and gets wrapped up in a love triangle with the office IT girl and her hipster boyfriend." No word if the hipster boyfriend was ever an intern for Vogue.

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