This Chicago Blackhawks-inspired prom proposal is amazing (Photo)

Via Alex Carpenter
Via Alex Carpenter

If you’re going to ask someone to prom, you either go big or you go sit at home watching “She’s All That” while occasionally staring at that corsage while eating a pint of Chubby Hubby and I wish you would really stop judging me…

Sorry, I digress: You either go big, or you go home, which is why this young prom-goer unleashed a bed sheet-sized collection of Chicago Blackhawks player name puns on his potential date.

Extra credit for avoiding the obvious “get your nails and Toews done.”

We'll assume, based on the evidence, that she said "yes." No word if they're the Marian types. (Joke shamelessly stolen.)

Thus continues the odd relationship between the Blackhawks and prom. Please recall Andrew High School student Sydney Gountounas asking Andrew Shaw to prom, who politely responded, "I think I'm a little too old for prom.”

Which we assume made her Saad.

Via Alex Carpenter, US women’s national team player and inspirer of blog content. If anyone knows the backstory on these two crazy kids, email us at