This 'Legend of John Scott' storybook is absolutely adorable

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After he scored two goals and was named MVP of the NHL All-Star Game, John Scott likened his journey to something you might read in a storybook. 

And now you can.

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“The Legend of John Scott: The Storybook Version” hit the web this week and went viral among hockey fans. The digital storybook includes the entire John Scott tale told in verse, with amusing animations, many of them Gary Bettman-centric.

Sample prose:


The storybook is the work of Kathy Polo, a freelance writer and artist. She said she doesn’t have a background in formal design, but is building a portfolio after “fooling around on Photoshop and other programs” since she was 13.

She’s also a huge hockey fan, so using her talents to create “The Legend of John Scott” was “a no-brainer,” she said.

“The entirety of the situation read like a book or Disney movie. For someone who loves to write, it didn’t take too long to piece it together in a ‘storybook’ form,” she said.

Give it a read here. John Scott, in a whimsical storybook. What would his daughters think!?


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