Third jersey mysteries for Leafs, Habs and the 2008-09 season

If you haven't ventured over the Icethetics (formerly the NHL Tournament of Logos), you're missing out on one of the best hockey sites on the Internet. Chris, who runs the show over there, posts his own jersey art as well as reader mock-ups of logos and uniform designs.

He also gets reader tips of possible new alternate uniforms from people who work in the athletic apparel retail business. It seems as if there's about 17 teams lined up to have third jerseys next season. Hopefully, this comes to fruition and we can replace some of the more ugly current RBK Edge jerseys we see on a nightly basis.

Yesterday, Chris came across a graphic on the Maple Leafs website that appears to be some sort of alternate jersey, one that the Buds have not worn before.

That's definitely some sort of alternate. Now, is this a third jersey leak by mistake on the Toronto Web site? Or are the Leafs going to try and sell their own line of alternative colored/designed uniforms, similar to what other sports do selling different colored hats and jerseys among other merchandise?

That's only one half of the story. You see, as I mentioned, Chris from Icethetics receives and posts reader-created jersey designs all the time. That picture you see above was sent to Chris last August.

He asks the same question I am today: "How did that exact image make it on the Leafs' official site?! That's my question. Weird. Are the Leafs considering a jersey alternation already?"

Icethetics also reports a source that says Montreal will don three special jerseys throughout the year to commemorate their centennial season. No word on if those are three separate jerseys from the everyday home/away set. Like what we'll probably see during the Winter Classic, I would have to think the Habs will go old school for at least one them. I've always loved this sweater, which the Canadiens wore as an alternate a few years back.

Supposedly, some teams are planning to announce their alternates in September, but if we're lucky, EA Sports will leak them again, much like they did last year with the RBK Edge jersey's in NHL 08. All it took was a password.