Things you won’t hear during the NHL lockout (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

You've probably spent a lot of time thinking about the things you won't see during a lockout. NHL hockey games come to mind. Highlights of NHL hockey games, too. It's a nightmare.

But you probably haven't thought a lot about the things you won't "hear". Luckily, the gentlemen of Hoodwinked Films have you covered. In the spirit of the rapid-fire "Excrement members of social group X say" meme, they present, "Things you won't hear during the NHL lockout," because this locked-out world needs laughter now more than ever.

Among the highlights:

• "Do you know if there's, like, a charity where I can, like, donate money to the players?"

• "Whatever. Hockey jerseys make me look so frumpy. I hate them."

• "If they cancel the All-Star Game this year, I will just die."

• "It must suck for Carrie Underwood. She loves hockey."

• "Dude, the NBA is sick. They each score like, 100 points per game. More points? More fun."

• "I just miss talking about concussions."

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