Theo Fleury discovers his lost Stanley Cup ring on Craigslist

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Former NHL star Theo Fleury has led, shall we say, an eventful life. Losing his Stanley Cup ring while playing in an outdoor hockey game, and then having it miraculously appear on an online classified site's lost and found section, is the latest surreal chapter.

Fleury was part of the Cagary, er, Calgary Flames alumni team that faced the Montreal Canadiens during the Heritage Classic back in February at McMahon Stadium. At some point during the weekend, Fleury's 1989 Stanley Cup ring — the alumni game was a reunion of sorts for that Flames team — fell out of his pocket and disappeared.

Fast forward nearly 10 months, and the ring apparently has reappeared — on Calgary's Craigslist site under the lost and found header.

From Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun, who broke the news:

The poster of the message had a Craigslist email address for the site's users to respond to — something Fleury suggested in a brief text exchange he was very likely intending to do. "We're on it," Fleury wrote. "I lost it at the Heritage Classic. It fell out of my pocket."

Fleury's only Cup win in 15 years of NHL service came in 1989 when he was a rookie with the Flames.

The miraculous part of this tale isn't that the ring was found, wherever it might have been dropped. The miraculous part is that it ended up on the lost and found section rather than the "for sale" section; or on eBay for that matter.

Meanwhile, will someone please buy Theo Fleury a necklace or a mountain climbing clip to avoid future calamity …

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