Theo Fleury: author and bridge burner

Remember back in September when Theo Fleury(notes) was attempting to comeback to the NHL by trying out for the Calgary Flames? Yeah, those were good times. Fleury tallied four points during preseason and was supported by Flames fans as he left the game of hockey on his terms, one of the main reasons of his comeback.

Since officially retiring, Fleury has been traveling to promote his book and attempting to find someone who's interesting in making a movie about his story. Using some downtime this week, Fleury found time to write a blog on Wednesday on his official website,, which ripped the Calgary organization and took shots at Flames players Craig Conroy(notes) and Robyn Regehr(notes).

The Calgary Sun has parts of entry that was taken down Wednesday afternoon because, according to Fleury, "it wasn't worth the headache."

On his preseason production:

"Anyway, we put our nose to the grindstone and boy did we make a comeback. At one hundred and eighty pounds, I finished 11th out of 56 guys at camp in the fitness test and scored a historic shootout goal in an exhibition game after being out of hockey for six years. What does that say about the talent level in the NHL? 4 points and a plus 4 rating in four exhibition games and I get cut. What a joke! Craig Conroy goes the first 37 games of the season with zero goals. I wonder how many I would have had? Even with all the stupid people that run the game of hockey, it's still a great game. Go figure."

Fleury also suggested Flames GM Darryl Sutter "trade Robyn Regehr and finally get someone for Iggy to play with" and that the organization was "stupid" for cutting him. Praised by both Sutter's after the Flames cut him, Fleury gave his thanks to the organization for the opportunity and now he's taking parting shots months later?

Never one to shy away from giving a good quote, Fleury has cut his only tie to the NHL. There weren't many suitors for the services of the 5'6, 180 lbs Fleury when he announced his comeback plans. His bitterness, almost four months later, towards a kind gesture from his former team is not the lasting memory Flames fans want to have after the Hallmark moment his preseason showing provided. If there was any chance that Fleury would find a future employer with Calgary, that door has been slammed shut.

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