The most pathetic NHL answer on ‘Jeopardy!’ ever (Video)

Alex Trebek is, in our estimation, the greatest living Canadian that never played in the NHL nor was a featured player on a sketch comedy program. So why does he allow “Jeopardy!” to continue to troll the coolest sport on Earth?

Yet another case in point: This week, a contestant on the esteemed syndicated quiz show was given was should have been a layup:

Look, the “Jeopardy!” producers aren’t naïve. They know they’re dealing with a collection of eggheads, bookworms and Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.” The only time you’re going to see an in-depth sports question is during College Week, because those contestants have yet to replace the athletic trivia in their brains with nonsense like “17th Century Cabinet Making.”

So most sports questions are begging for the obvious answer – save for ones about baseball and tennis, because “eggheads” – and hence any question about hockey stats will have an answer of “Wayne Gretzky.”

Which brings us to this week’s disaster, via The Pensblog:

“Who is Magic Johnson?”

Trebek: “Oh no…”

Oh no indeed.

Yes, “Jeopardy!”, we get it: No one knows [expletive] about the NHL in the U.S. It makes us sad. You keep rubbing it in.

See also: When contestants stood around dumbfounded when Trebek asked, “In 2000, an expansion team known as the Minnesota Wild joined this professional sports league."

No buzzers. No answers. No one had a clue.

Not even College Week can spare us indignity:

Literally, in order for “Jeopardy!” contestants to respond correctly to a hockey question, they have to be given HALF THE ANSWER:

So please, Trebek, no more hockey questions. It pains us they know more about supporting characters in Dickens novellas than who the Minnesota Wild are.

We see another hockey question botched, we send Sean Connery after you. That’s the Chicago way, laddie.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jay Kosier who passed along a Reddit AMA with the contestant in which he addresses the "Magic" answer and his reaction.