The force is strong with USA U-18 team 'Star Wars' jerseys

Via @usantdp on Twitter

What happens when you combine hockey and "Star Wars" on a jersey? Umm ... awesomeness of course.

Behold the glorious jerseys of the USA U-18 team in their game Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan against Dubuque, per Bleacher Report.

They have well ... almost everything you'd want out of a "Star Wars" themed uni. Han Solo on the front, the Millennium Falcon on the back. The rebel logo.

Via @usantdp on Twitter
Via @usantdp on Twitter

Pretty cool, I'd say. But they could have gone so much further if they wanted to.

Solo and the Falcon are obviously much-loved and easily identifiable Star Wars characters/images. They speak to the masses. But what of some of the other characters we've come to know and love. For example, they could have put Admiral Ackbar on the font, and on the back in big letters written "It's a trap!"

What of Chewbacca? He's Han's best buddy!

They also could have put The Emperor on the front and on the back put "Unlimited Power!" which is a major sequence from "Revenge of the Sith."

Eh, when you combine "Star Wars" and hockey, you can't really mess up anything. Unless if you put Jar Jar on the unis. That would have been awful.

The team actually did the same thing a year ago, only they were a more sinister in the imagery.

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