The best kind of Stanley Cup is one made of bacon (Photo)

Bar Brutus is a "stylish lounge with a retro vibe specializing in cocktails and bar fare that highlights bacon."

It's a restaurant in Montreal, so naturally they're getting behind the Canadiens for their playoff push in their own unique way; and it consists, of course, entirely of bacon.

Presenting the Bacon Stanley Cup!

barbrutus / Instagram
barbrutus / Instagram

Are you done drooling yet? No? I'll wait.

Here's another pic:

Bar Brutus
Bar Brutus

According to the fine people at Bar Brutus, the Cup is made up of about 20 (!!!) pounds of bacon.

Drooling again?

For now, it will be on display during the playoffs, after which it will be shipped to my house for a season-ending bacon party and you're all invited.

Finally, we have a challenger to the Ham-ley Cup...

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