Ten reasons why NHL playoffs crush the NBA, according to Katie Nolan (Video)

As hockey fans, we inherently know that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are better than the NBA Playoffs, because the Stanley Cup Playoffs are better than any other championship tournament in team sports and basketball is a team sport. OK, except for the last two minutes of any game, when the guy with the biggest contract is inevitably the only guy who takes the final shot.

We’ve previously written the “68 Reasons The NHL Playoffs Are Better Than March Madness” to put hockey over college hoops. Now, Katie Nolan – formerly of Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild  and someone who laid waste to Rick Reilly – explains 10 reasons why the NHL Playoffs are better than the NBA Playoffs:

First off: Epic Bowzer shirt. 

Nolan’s essential points about the NHL’s parity are spot-on: Not only do most series offer a glimmer of hope to even the largest underdog – thanks, goaltenders a.k.a. the great equalizers – but we didn’t realize that a No. 4-8 seed in the NBA playoffs had just a 2.99 percent chance of winning it all. Snore.

Also, this line: “The NBA Playoffs are like socially acceptable ‘Real Housewives of Whatever The [Expletive] City’ for men.”

Nolan said the counterpoint video drops on Friday, but we see no reason to stress and strain to come up with nine reasons hoops are better than hockey besides “the NBA has Charles Barkley.”

Wait a moment …

Charles Barkley at United Center for Game 7. #LAvsCHI #StanleyCup

— Carl A. Martinez (@TheCnotes) June 2, 2014

Game, set, match hockey.


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