Teemu Selanne announces final season with Anaheim Ducks in hilarious viral video

Everyone from the pundits to his teammates expected that Teemu Selanne would return for his 22nd season in the NHL, but the Finnish Flash was non-committal, making sure he did in fact want to go another 82 games with the Anaheim Ducks.

As the following video shows, he took his time, played some golf, got incredibly frustrated while playing golf, dove into a water hazard and decided that, yes, he would return to snipe more pucks for the Ducks.

The video went viral as soon as the Ducks released it, with 765,000 views within the first day.

Selanne -- who signed a 1-year, $2 million deal -- enters the season with 675 career goals, 15 goals behind Mario Lemieux’s career total and obviously within distance of 700. Although that’s a lot of power-play tallies Selanne would need this season, where he’s still dangerous, to reach the mark.

As you can see, this is being billed as his last season in the NHL, which is great: We get the kind of "Victory Lap" season we didn't get from a player like Nicklas Lidstrom.

Selanne is 43 years old and will have a chance to play in his sixth (!) Olympics in Sochi for Team Finland.

After this ride with the Ducks, it’ll be time to transition to another phase of his career, perhaps as a magical milk fairy who invades children’s rooms as he was in a recent commercial.

Or he’ll just come back again in 2015. Because at this rate, Selanne will still be playing through the 2065 lockout.

Welcome back, Teemu. Hockey is better with you playing it.