Tampa's Ben Bishop played Cup Final with torn groin

Tampa's Ben Bishop played Cup Final with torn groin

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been vanquished by the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final. So now it’s time to play that game where we find out about all the horrible injuries were plaguing the Lightning players – namely goaltender Ben Bishop.

What was it Mr. Ben that made you leave Game 2, return, leave again, sit out Game 4 then come back one more time?

A torn groin, Bishop told reporters after Tampa’s Game 6 loss at Chicago.

"I can't feel much anyway right now. Just unfortunate. Didn't feel good out there, but was able to get through it," Bishop said to the Tampa Bay Times' Joe Smith.

Ouch. So about Jon Cooper saying he wouldn’t put a goalie in harm's way of hurting himself further?

This is what Cooper said after Bishop won Game 3 for Tampa:

"Well, I talked to him.  We're not going to put anybody in a game that is going to be in harm's way of hurting himself," Coop said. "As for him getting up slowly, that's happened to him before. But, as I said, if he was going to be in harm's way, we would have pulled him out. But he was good."

Yup, there was nothing to him getting up slowly at all... 

Said Cooper after Game 6:

"You sit here and think. He played, I'm probably going to get this wrong, but  probably 27 games in a row before an injury took him out. At the pinnacle of the sport, going through the end of the regular season, the playoffs, for him to continue to rise in this occasion for somebody that never had been in the situation before, you can't say enough about what he did for us."

Bishop played about as well as anyone could play with a torn groin with a .939 save percentage after Game 2. He didn't play in Game 4, a loss by Tampa.

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