Tales of NBC Angst: Bad hockey terminology, hotel CNBC failure

Seeing as how Winter Olympics broadcaster NBC has found new and inventive ways of angering hockey fans with its coverage or lack thereof, Puck Daddy introduces a new mini-feature: Tales of NBC Angst. Email us with your scheduling nightmares, announcer gaffes, missed goals or general annoyance. Hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or on Twitter.

It's bad enough that NBC's broadcast policies are forcing hockey fans to miss parts of games; and, last night, a goal, which is pretty much a sports-broadcasting mortal sin.

But it's about 100 times worse when the very hotel you're staying in makes you miss the intense shootout between Slovakia and Russia. Puck Buddy Paul H. checks in from Los Angeles:

So last night I'm watching the Russia vs. Slovakia game in my hotel room (Marriott) and they use the "Hotel Networks" systems to manage their television. At exactly 11:30 Pacific time (which happened to be right after the first shooter in the shoot out), Hotel Networks took over CNBC to show an infomercial about some exercise equipment! Talk about awesome, right? Not only has hockey been relegated to third rate cable networks but on top of that a fourth rate TV management company interrupts a live broadcast of a tie game in the shootout to sell crappy gym and exercise stuff.

We obviously can't vouch for the quality of the equipment or the infomercial. The rest ... well.

Tam Bamford of Committed Indians isn't feeling the Pierre McGuire love. At least as much as a certain member of the Pittsburgh Penguins does:

My final issue with Maguire (sic) is his OVERWHELMING, RIDICULOUS man-crush on Penguins' star Sidney Crosby(notes). It's so bad, Johnny Weir is like "Dude, take it easy." The infatuation Maguire (sic too!) shows for one player in the league destroys the objectivity you must have to be a national analyst.

Finally, Blake B. sends over this tidbit from NBC's website during the Sweden/Belarus game. Look, we're not hockey experts (as you readers surely know by now), but we're pretty sure this is not the opposite of shorthanded:

As Blake said: "I guess this shows us how invested NBC is to providing solid coverage to hockey. At least we know Sedin's hands were even for his first goal..."

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