Taco cannon is real, and it's firing at NCAA hockey games (Video)

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Let’s put aside the question of how the tacos will stay together for a moment. Instead, let’s celebrate the idea of a taco cannon existing in the first place.

The University of Nebraska-Omaha is having a pretty good 2015 so far. The team won its first NCAA tournament game in program history last month and advanced to the Frozen Four before falling to eventual champion Providence. In the fall, the Mavericks will move into a brand new state-of-the-art $81.6 million arena with one awesome way to get some food during a game.

One of UNO's new partners is Voodoo Taco, and those great people will introduce a taco cannon for games next season. This is what it will look like:

Voodoo Taco / Facebook
Voodoo Taco / Facebook

OK, let’s get to your main concern: How will the tacos stay together as they’re fired into the crowd? 

Eric Newton, owner of Voodoo Taco, showed off the cannon to Omaha’s KETV7 and after a couple of attempts, the well-wrapped tacos survived the ride and were perfectly intact upon landing.  

“I wouldn’t say it would be restaurant quality when it gets to them, but it’s edible,” he said. 

Good enough for me!

Let's watch.

Via KETV7:

“I understand shooting t-shirts. I understand shooting hot dogs. How does a taco become something you can shoot out of a cannon?,” asks Thor Tripp.

“You know, you just do.” 

Amen, Mr. Newton. Amen.

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