T.J. Oshie four-putts from seven feet, should probably stick to hockey (Video)

It would appear T.J. Oshie is bad at golf. (via @cjzero)


It would appear T.J. Oshie is bad at golf. (via @cjzero)

T.J. Oshie became a household name this season after his incredible performance in the shootout versus Russia at the Sochi Olympics, scoring four goals in six attempts to lead his team to victory.

But you had to know Oshie's luck was eventually going to turn. He was bound to regress at some point, and on Friday, it happened. During golf. (Surprise! The hockey gods can get you anywhere.) Here's Oshie discovering that it's a lot easier to go five-hole on Sergei Bobrovsky than it is to sink a putt from seven feet:

Just no finish at all. You'd think he was coached by Ken Hitchcock or something.

This unfortunate and cringeworthy scene comes to us from the American Century Championship, a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. Oshie is one of four NHL representatives, alongside Martin Brodeur, Jeremy Roenick, and Joe Sakic.

Anyway. Poor Oshie. Had he sunk the first one, he'd have birdied the par 5. Instead he had to settle for the double bogey. On the bright side, he's still doing way better than Charles Barkley.

I'm no hero, Oshie said afterwards. The real heroes can put that ball down on the first try. (He never actually said that.)

s/t to @cjzero

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