Swiss player throws water bottle at Alex Picard, sparks hallway chaos (Video)

If you want to get an opponent’s attention, obviously a water bottle thrown at his back is one of the easiest ways.

Lugano and Geneva were leaving the ice on Friday night for intermission in their Swiss League game, and tempers carried over into the dressing room area. Alexandre Picard – former draft bust with the Columbus Blue Jackets, who last played in the NHL back in 2009-10 – was yapping with Julian Walker of Lugano, before turning to walk away.

Fredrik Pettersson – the Sweden-born leading scorer for Lugano, hence the fancy jersey –decided to have the last word in this deliberation … and threw his water bottle at Picard’s back.

This sparked a brief melee in the hallway, before Picard undoubtedly realized he was outnumbered 20-1 and left for his dressing room. The on-ice officials finally made their way back and had Lugano head to its room, closing the glass doors that separated the hallways.

According to reports in Swiss media, the League has an investigation into the incident and could discipline Pettersson.

This is the second bottle toss we've had in a few weeks, following Andrei Nazarov’s water-bottle toss at a player in the KHL last month. Jeez, guys, at least Shawn Thornton had the decency to just squirt …

s/t SwissHabs

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