Swiss hockey team ‘signs’ Erik Karlsson, pulls off great April Fools’ prank

HC Davos, which plays in National League A, made huge news on April 1 when it announced the signing of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson for next season, via its Facebook page:

"I ​​do not know much of Davos,” said Karlsson, via Davos, “but my friend Joe Thornton recommended me this transfer Davos should have a strong team and I hope that I can help the team to achieve its goals.”

Alas, the agreement was short-lived. Just an hour later Davos reported that Karlsson tore the contract up on the plane when he learned right wing Marc Wieser already wears his No. 65 and the team refused to have him give it up.

A truly stunning turn of events in the hockey world.

OK, maybe not that stunning, given the dateline on the news.

Good to see April Fools’ Day gets as much love in Switzerland as it does in North American hockey …

s/t Adam Nowek

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