Swedish team terminates contract of Andre Deveaux after vicious pre-game slash


Andre Deveaux reportedly had a contract with Swedish side Rogle stating that it would be extended through the 2015-16 season should they be promoted to the Swedish Hockey League. They were, but after video surfaced on Sunday of his vicious slash to the leg of Vasteras defenseman Per Helmersson before a HockeyAllsvenskan playoff game, Deveaux no longer has a future at the club.

Rogle announced on Monday that they have terminated Deveaux’s contract.

“We as a club condemn the incident,” a statement team chairman Hakan Eriksson read on the team website. “It is an unacceptable behavior and nothing we as a club [stand] behind … We have talked to Andre today about the incident and jointly decided to go [our] separate ways … His actions are indefensible.”

Here’s the incident again:

Said Deveaux, via Expressen: “The emotions took over for me there for a few seconds. Although my reputation seems to precede me, I am not a violent person. If anything, perhaps a passionate player. My intent was never to inflict any serious injury and given that I'm a much bigger person than As Helmersson it is clear that if the damage had been my intention, he had not been able to play the game or the subsequent.

“I realize I've made some strong comments in the heat of battle after we won the match series against Västerås and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Vasteras, Per Helmersson and to all hockey fans after I lost my temper ... The focus should be on Rögle BK. We are a strong team who have worked hard together this year and took us to the SHL, it deserves to be in the spotlight now.”

Deveaux was not penalized for his actions and played Thursday night, as well as the final game of the series on Sunday. Helmersson was not seriously injured and also played in both games.

A disciplinary panel has been reviewing the incident and expected to hand Deveaux a lengthy suspension, should he look to continue his career in Sweden.

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