Swedish league goalie celebrates win by ice fishing, taking ride on ice resurfacing machine (Video)

Orebro goaltender Julius Hudacek loves to celebrates victories. Whether it’s just straight up dancing or paddling on the ice like he's in a boat or leap-frogging with goaltending partner Henrik Lundberg, the 26-year old Slovakia native knows how to have a good time.

After Friday’s 2-1 win over Djurgarden, Hudacek upped his celebration game two-fold. Not only did he mimic going ice fishing, he also decided to take a ride on the ice surfacing machine and join the Orebro fans in cheering the victory:

“There was a Czech guy who did it when I played in the Slovak league,” said Hudacek, via Expressen. “It looked like fun and I want to give our lovely audience a show.”

It’s too bad Hudacek’s fun would never fly in the NHL since he'd be savaged by the uppity-types who don’t like players enjoying themselves. Act like you’ve been there before! they’d say, right before epousing on the greatness of plus-minus and “grit.”

We here at Puck Daddy applaud you, Mr. Hudacek, and look forward to many more of your victory celebrations. Might we suggest "The Dougie" for the next one?

Stick-tap Steven J.

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