Swedish Elite League defender Mats Trygg scores first of the season, into own goal (VIDEO)

They say that, for the 10 seconds or so after a team loses a defensive zone draw, they face the same rate of shots against as during a 5-on-3. That in mind, Swedish Elite League club HV71 had to be glad when they won this draw. After all, the rate of shots against when you have the puck is pretty close to zero.

But these shots can happen, and they're much more dangerous, because goaltenders don't typically expect to be fired upon by their own teammates. Well, they should. Let Mats Trygg serve as a cautionary tale, Gustaf Wesslau: a shot can come from anywhere. From anyone.

I love the reaction of the play-by-play team. You don't need to speak Swedish to understand that "OH AYE! AH-HA-AYE!" translates roughly as "What a hilarious surprise" in every language.

I also love the reaction of HV71 head coach Ulf Dahlen (who played 966 games in the NHL). Clearly, when he's upset, he waggles his tongue. Remember that for future reference.

As you can see, Trygg was simply trying to clear the puck around the boards. But with a man pressuring him and the puck bouncing, he wound up beating goaltender Gustaff Wesslau with a shot low off the far post instead.

It's too bad it was an own goal, or we might be marvelling at the Norwegian defender's hand-eye and poise under pressure. But alas.

As the salt-in-the-wounds statline that appears below Trygg shortly after the goal shows, it was his first goal this season, which is probably little consolation, especially since he totally won't get credit for it.

s/t to Jon Haggqvist.

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