Sunburn hockey jerseys: NHL dedication and potential skin cancer!

Brian Floyd is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, facing the same problem every puckhead faces during the summer: It’s just too damn hot to rock an NHL sweater, even in that Kevin Smith-shorts-and-a-jersey look.

Problem solved, via Floyd’s sun-burnt back:

Yes, it’s a tribute to James Reimer, Leafs (back-up?) goaltender, as Floyd fashioned a “jersey” with some creative placement of lotion and the intense power of the sun’s rays.

Floyd, a drive-time host on 101.9 The Fox in Ontario, previously sported a Dion Phaneuf “sunburn sweater”:

No word if he placed a Maple Leafs logo stencil on his chest to complete the look …

Well, this is a handy way to display one’s fandom in the summer without sweating through your CCM, coupled with eventual skin cancer. It's a novel concept and a perfect way for Evgeni Malkin to never miss another game.

Floyd says that a Joffrey Lupul sun-created jersey is next;.

What, no Jonathan Burn-Yea?

s/t The Score