Steve Ott licks Jeff Halpern during faceoff because he’s Steve Ott (Video)

Steve Ott of the Buffalo Sabres is one of hockey’s greatest agitators, and lately that agitation had manifested as … well, awkward flirtation.

First there was a blown kiss to Dion Phaneuf as Ott left for the penalty box. Then on Thursday night, CBC cameras caught Ott licking Jeff Halpern of the Montreal Canadiens before a faceoff attempt. Yep, licking:

That, friends, was a distinct licking motion.

Maybe he was wiping off Halpern’s visor. Or, given the Sabres’ and Habs’ respective fortunes this season, maybe Ott just wanted a taste of victory ...

Whatever the case, keep in mind that Halpern and Ott played two seasons together with the Dallas Stars, so one imagines this is more delicious than malicious. It does, however, make us wonder what would have happened if Ott had tried this move during Craig MacTavish's playing days, given his propensity for tongue ripping.

We all know what you’re asking: Did Ott end up winning the faceoff?

No, he lost it. Cleanly.