Steve Mason to Flyers; can he re-find his game in Philadelphia?

Leave it to Paul Holmgren to give us something to talk about.

The Philadelphia Flyers have been rumoured to be after a goalie for most of the year, even despite the fact that they'll be paying Ilya Bryzgalov five and a half million until the beginning of the next decade. On Wednesday, they finally got one, acquiring Steve Mason from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for a third-round pick and Michael Leighton.

Yes. We're as surprised as you are. It's an odd deal.

According to Pierre LeBrun, the Flyers were also hot after Ben Bishop, who went to the Senators in exchange for Cory Conacher and a pick, but they fell out when the price got too high. Thankfully, Mason didn't cost all that much.

Granted, that's largely because Mason isn't really considered all that good these days. Maybe the Flyers' scouts know something we don't, but considering their track record with goalies, that's doubtful.

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Now, this could conceivably work out for the Flyers. If Mason can re-find his form in Philadelphia, then the Flyers just patched up their goalie problem for next to nothing. They didn't give up much, and if they re-sign Mason on a cheap deal, they might be able to move Bryzgalov out, save a ton of cap space, and look like geniuses! Ha ha!

That seems like a longshot, though, especially since goalies don't typically find themselves in Philadelphia. But hey. Maybe Steve Mason can break the curse.

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