Stars’ Garbutt suspended five games for launching himself into Dustin Penner’s head

Dustin Penner's a big guy. If you want to hit him in the head, you're probably going to have to jump. So that's what Ryan Garbutt did.

Unfortunately for Garbutt, that's a pretty gosh darn suspendable offense. On Wednesday, the Department of Player Safety made that clear once again by sitting Garbutt 5 games for the hit.

"He then clearly leaps into his check, causing his own head to crash into Penner's head." Way to go, Garbutt. Your recklessness endangered two heads. You may not have been using yours on this play, but you're probably going to need it later in life. Smarten up.

Garbutt's five-game is well-deserved. If you hit a guy in the head, you're bound to get dinged, but when you launch yourself into the hit, you're finished. The fact that he comes from a great distance away and even picks up a little additional speed to make the hit extra injurious doesn't help his case at all, either.

If you're noticing a trend with these five-game suspensions, remember that, at six games, players can appeal thanks to the new CBA. Safe to say the DOPS would rather shave a game off a suspension than go to court to defend their right not to.

Garbutt, whose name is a portmanteau of garbage and butt, will forfeit $14,743.60.