Star Wars goalie masks from Bauer Hockey, for veterans and Wookies

Many goalies have been credited with having Jedi powers, like the time Jonathan Quick seemed to control a puck with his mind. Now, officially, they can dress the part.

Bauer has created “Star Wars” hockey masks.

The perfect thing to wear when robbing a goal scorer, and hearing thousands of voices suddenly cry out in jubilation and then suddenly silenced.

From Bauer, the options are:

LUKE SKYWALKER Goal Mask: With designs from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, this goal mask features X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker equipped for battle on the ice planet of Hoth, the location of the Rebel Alliance base.

(The perfect protection from Wampa attacks.)

SHOCK TROOPERS Goal Mask: This goal mask features designs of the Galactic Empire ground force, the Shock Troopers, and brings to life the fiery volcanic world of Mustafar, the location of the legendary battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

(OK, full stop: SHOCK Troopers? Is this some prequels nonsense where they aren’t Stormtroopers yet?)

YODA Goal Mask: Yoda, one of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in Galactic history, is featured on this goal mask poised to duel, armed with his lightsaber while channeling the Force.

(Hopefully they get the lightsaber color right, eh Bryz?)

BOBA FETT Goal Mask: The notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is featured on this goal mask in battle in his customized Mandalorian armor firing his blaster rifle and in-flight with his Z-6 jetpack engaged.  The Mandalorian symbol is displayed on the center of the mask, just above the wire facial cage.

(In which a goalie’s 5-hole is officially renamed the Sarlacc Pit.)

DARTH VADER Goal Mask: The Emperor’s dark enforcer, Darth Vader, is featured on this goal mask in his infamous black armor and in battle with his lightsaber in hand.  The Galactic Empire Imperial symbol is displayed on the center of the mask, just above the wire facial cage.

(Sorry, Bauer, but Martin Gerber got this.)

So there you go: “Star Wars” goalie masks. Guess we’ll have to wait for the sequel to get an R2-D2 mask like this awesome one.

But credit to Bauer for not making a Han Solo mask, which wouldn’t have made sense for a goalie, because we all know that Han shoots first.