Stanley Cup Final previews; North Korean hockey team; Avs, Sabres talking trade? (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• Here. Watch this excellent Stanley Cup Final montage, created by Youtuber "trigger687".

• The great Bruce Arthur previews the Stanley Cup Final. Sounds exciting. I think I'll PVR it, at least. [National Post]

• Bad news for the Blackhawks: the best guide to victory over the Bruins was written by the Toronto Maple Leafs. [The Globe & Mail]

• This neat little probability map shows where on the ice we can expect the Blackhawks' and Bruins' goals to come from. [Manifold Creations]

• The Bruins are getting a lot of goals from their defence. The back-end has 15 of the team's 50 goals in 16 playoff games. [CBC]

• Today's must read is Peter Cox's great story on spending a week with the North Korean hockey team. [Deadspin]

• The Sabres want to move up at the draft, and director of amateur scouting Kevin Devine was quite frank about the club's discussions with the Colorado Avalanche during a radio interview Wednesday. "We have had conversations with Colorado," he said. "I think you know there’s been a regime change there as everybody knows in the last three weeks. And I think they’re trying to figure out themselves what’s happening there. I believe they’re having internal meetings there this week and we’ll probably get back to them at some point. We’re waiting for a call back to find out what their position is." [Trending Buffalo]

• Stephen Whyno on Dallas Eakins and the new breed of players' coaches in the NHL. [National Post]

• I love this question: Can Randy Carlyle become a smarter coach? [Leafs Nation]

• Comparing the Bruins' 2011 run to 2013. There are some interesting similarities. [New England Hockey Journal]

• Here's your official Doc Emrick translator, and not a moment too soon. [Mandatory]

• Rocky Wirtz thinks the Blackhawks are in a better place heading into next summer than they were heading into the summer of 2010. I'd say so. [ESPN]

• The real reason the Penguins lost: Sidney Crosby should have kept his facemask on. Way to blow it, Crosby. [The Hockey Writers]

• Ellen Etchingham on violence in hockey. Great stuff here. [Backhand Shelf]

• Todd McLellan gets a contract extension from the San Jose Sharks. [TSN]

• 11-year-old Jack Seward makes his Stanley Cup Final predictions. [Global News]

• Finally, enjoy this bipolar short comparing the LA Kings' 2012 season to their 2013 effort. NSFW: Strong language warning.