Speeches vs. fun; Bergeron vs. Crosby; home ice the difference for Kings (Puck Headlines)

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• I know those feelings, bro.

• The Detroit Red Wings are just planning to have fun in Wednesday night's Game 7. Like going to a carnival! Mike Babcock rented a cotton candy machine! Wheeeee! [MLive]

• The Chicago Blackhawks, on the other hand, are all about pump-up speeches. So there's your narrative for tonight: fun vs. speeches. Which is the superior preparation tactic? [CSN Chicago]

• Head-to-head to watch in the Eastern Conference Final: Patrice Bergeron versus Sidney Crosby. [TribLive]

• He may be a Bruin now, but Matt Bartkowski once loved the Pittsburgh Penguins. They're the reason he got into hockey. [Metro West Daily News]

• Matt Cooke is a blessing for journalists. Looking to set the scene for a playoff series he'll be in? Write about his history. [CSNNE]

• Another year, another Sutter chasing a Stanley Cup ring. This year, Brandon looks to upgrade his status at Sutter family picnics. [CBC]

• Pierre Lebrun on the LA Kings surviving the Battle of California. [ESPN]

• "The Sharks and Kings proved in this series that the team with home ice was the team that had every advantage. And that literally was decided by the last game of the the regular season… which decided this series, in large part." [Working the Corners]

• Either the Sportsnet Hockey Central Twitter account has been hacked for awhile, or they're really, really into our pal Jesse Spector. [Deadspin]

• The saga of the Phoenix Coyotes marches on. The next step: brokering a deal between the city and the potential new owners over Jobing.com arena. [AZ Central]

• Here's ESPN's latest 30 for 30 short: "Cutthroat", a short about Clint Malarchuk. That's not a joke. That's the actual title. [ESPN]

• What can we expect from Jaromir Jagr in the Eastern Conference Final? I'll go out on a limb and say more goals than he scored in the first two rounds combined. [The Hockey Writers]

• The Phoenix Coyotes will retain goalie coach Sean Burke for two more years. Good call. [AZ Central]

• The Florida Panthers prepare to celebrate their 20th anniversary season. [Panthers]

• How the Detroit Red Wings are hockey's version of the San Antonio Spurs -- the organization that set the standard in their league for a generation. [USA Today]

• Tomas Vokoun has reduced Marc-Andre Fleury to an afterthought. Marc-Andre Fleury used to play goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins, in case you weren't sure who I was talking about. [Pensburgh]

• David Beckham and his daughter star in a cute Kiss Cam moment. [Hello]

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